Facets of the Jewel

Read some of my short stories to get the inside scoop on my life as an independent escort. 
Please note that these may be fictional fantasies and not all real life events.

An Email From The Past. He Hoped I’d Remember.

"Hey Dolly, I hope you remember me but I know you have a lot of friends and I have a new email address from when we last saw each other.  I hope you remember me from a memorable trip to Shanghai -- bet you haven't had a lot of friends take you to China -- when we...

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Kinky Steps

Carsten, my Dolly date, had his shit together, that was the impression I got from his emails, and he had great references from classy, successful ladies (all of whom were HOTTT!!!  I loved his taste in women.  In fact, I wanted to do just that....taste his women.)  So...

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All in The Family. No, Not My Family.

A while back I had gotten into the business habit of keeping a high capacity flash drive on my keychain.  Well, sure enough one of the reasons I no longer do so is because I sometimes, in a rush to head out from my office to appointments, or while finishing up an...

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The Awkward Man Cummeth

Awkward can be sexy. It’s cute.  And to let you in on a little secret, I'm a mother, and a lady, and sometimes I enjoy some sensual, intellectual, cute sexy intimacy to go along with the athletic, sweaty, physical and emotional boundary stretching fuckfests that so...

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A Gift That Will Keep Giving

‘Twas a couple of days before Christmas and one of my regular Dolly dates and I lie in his bed, tangled, sweaty, still catching our breath and happy in post coital bliss. “Damn, Dolly, you just keep getting better. You and that built-for-sex body of yours are exactly...

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