You want to experience the best life can offer. You want it all:

Beckoning beauty… enchanting smile… spell-binding personality… worldly culture…educated and articulate… the rock-hard physique of a competitive athlete… attentive to the smallest details of an all-enthralling intensely erotic experience… and a magnetism that draws you into her world like a tractor beam.

Is there such a woman? Enter Dolly’s World and find out for yourself why she has been RANKED #1.

A former world-class athlete with 36D-24-36 measurements in a statuesque 5’7″ package, Dolly has the sexy fit and ripped but femininely supple body that other women dream of having – the body that makes men weak in the knees. Her voice is like a late-afternoon Spring shower, soft and soothing. Her wit and intelligence amaze you at every turn because Dolly is often two steps ahead of where you are. Dolly focuses every one of her senses directly on you when you are lucky enough to capture this free spirit for a truly unforgettable experience together. Be careful how close you get… you may not ever want to escape her spell.

There simply is none other like her… DOLLY JEWEL

When not training her body to maintain her unequaled fitness and shape, this siren of exquisite, sensual pleasures is a brilliant businesswoman who yearns to connect with a very limited and exclusive circle of mature, successful, intelligent men during her limited free time. Dolly is also a talented masseuse. If you are lucky enough to enter Dolly’s circle, prepare to be amazed, dazzled, and saturated with unequaled satisfaction, wondering aloud when you can see her again.

Your living fantasy is waiting…

Please enjoy the erotic fictional short stories featuring Dolly on Dolly’s Blog (Link above)


1. Dolly does not tolerate nor talk about anything explicit or sexual in nature. Please browse all the links on this web site for the answers to all your questions.

2. Dolly has a screening protocol for gentlemen she is seeing for the first time. Please understand that this is for her safety, protection and comfort-level. Any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential. Please remember, Dolly does not see everyone that contacts her so supplying names of providers you have seen as references or other verifiable (employment) information will make it easier for her to confirm your requested day and time so you can proceed with the date and have some fun!

3. Please put her cash donation in an unsealed white envelope and leave it in plain sight preferably on the restroom vanity. Dolly will handle it discreetly from there when the time is right. Please do not mention the donation or any services at any time.

4. If Dolly chooses to ask for it, please have your ID available for her to inspect upon arrival.

5. You can expect Dolly to tell a trusted friend where she will be, for how long and with whom. This is for everyone’s safety

6. Dolly is 420 friendly. Please do not bring any other type of drugs to the appointment.

7. Hygiene is critically important. Please try to be showered, shaved and have good overall hygiene. Fresh breath is important as well. Dolly is always fresh and clean and expects the same of her gentlemen friends. Dolly would prefer it if you do not use too much cologne. Dolly prefers to see non-smokers – if you do smoke she would appreciate it if you can please refrain from smoking for a few hours before you meet.

8. Dolly is not looking for a boyfriend and does not see clients outside of business so please do not make this request.

9. Please be respectful to Dolly at all times as she will be to you. You can expect her to be punctual and provide you with a wonderful experience.

For Dolly, it ís all about you!


Please leave your donation in an unsealed envelope in plain sight on the restroom vanity at the start of your date. Dolly will handle it from there discreetly when the time is right.

Donation for time and companionship with Dolly:
800 roses 1 hour (+100 for outcall)
1200 roses 90 min (+100 for outcall) (preferred minimum for S. Florida dates)
1500 roses 2 hours (+100 for outcall)
2200 roses 3 hours
2600 roses 4 hour lunch/dinner date
3500 roses 6 hour extended lunch/dinner date
5000 roses 12 hour overnight or daytime rendezvous
7000 roses 24 of the best hours of your life!

When on tour outcalls are a 90min minimum plus $100 for the outcall plus any Uber charges. 
(if travel is over 30minutes outcall fee will be higher or outcall may not even be possible) 25% deposit required for all outcalls. 

Incalls in Miami/Ft Lauderdale may incur an additional charge for a meeting place. 

25% deposit is required for all first time clients for 1h or 90min dates
25% deposit is required for all 2h dates
50% deposit is required for dates of 3 hours or longer.  Deposits can be paid via Cashapp, PayPal, Venmo, gift cards or egifts (see options on gifts page) 

FMTY dates are 6h minimum plus air, transportation and hotel  50% deposit plus expenses to be prepaid.

 Multi-day trips can be discussed. All travel expenses are paid by you on top of the donation.

Although based in Miami, Dolly frequently travels to major cities around the United States. Please refer to the calendar for her currently-scheduled travel plans. You can also SPONSOR a tour to your city with a 4h minmimim date plus airfare and 1 night hotel. (Cities with direct flights from Miami/FLL only) 

Dolly is available to meet couples, however, she is selective. If you are interested in meeting as a couple, kindly email a picture of both of you. Please add $200 per hour for couples; minimum 2 hour date: 1900 roses. A 50% deposit is required to book a couples date. 


Dates cancelled with less than 24hrs notice must pay 25% of the intended donation.
Dates cancelled with less than 4hrs notice must pay 100% of the intended donation.

Payment must be within 48 hrs of the terminated date. By contacting Dolly you agree to adhere to the cancellation policy above.


To book a date with Dolly, please complete the contact form below with as many as details as possible. You can email Dolly directly at or text  786-304-0110 but please be sure to include the following:

1. Your Full Name and Age
2. Cell Phone Number
3. Your Description (including height and weight)
4. Your Occupation and Employer; Linked in or photo of business card  
5. Desired Day, Time and Length of Date
6. Provider references  (email/cell and website) 

Please be complete and accurate.
Discretion is of the utmost importance.

25% Deposit will be required if no references or sufficent verification.

Follow me on Twitter:  @dolly_jewel

Follow me on Instagram @djewelvip 

Contact Me

By submitting this form I have read and consent to the cancellation policy as listed under donations.


“Dolly Jewel, you are a gem! In all my years in the hobby, my time spent with you was a cornucopia of positive feelings – you are the best! Till our stars align again.” Anonymous, TG


“From time to time in course of human events, we have an opportunity to meet someone extraordinary; someone who has reached a position of being the very best at what they do – in this case it is Dolly Jewel. Drop dead gorgeous with a magnificent body, smooth beautiful skin, tight abs, perfect breasts, long taut legs, a very pretty face with a smile that lights up a room. When she opens the door and you see her for the first time, her beauty and sexuality are breathtaking. If this were not enough, she is a powerful sexual woman. She is my shining star, brighter than all others. I am completely infatuated. If you have good taste and the good fortune to be able to enjoy beautiful, powerful, sexual women, you will likewise be enchanted by this exceptional and gifted woman. ” AspenSkier

“Rarely if ever these days do you have an experience so extraordinary that you feel compelled to write about it in order to share it with others. Dolly is such an experience. Beautiful, intelligent, seductive, sensual, fun, and stunning only scratch the surface. Set your sights as high as you like, they will be exceeded I assure you. Not only will she make you feel like a singular god, you will find yourself compelled to treat her as your goodness. I will spare you details. I am not one to kiss and tell. Do yourself a favor and reach out. She’s as close to a guarantee that you could ever find.” Anonymous, MB.

“Dolly has a body that looks like it was carved out of ivory, a perfectly formed symphony of muscles and curves. She has a beautiful face and an easy, winning smile. She’s the stereotypical girl that is so pretty that it is possible to lose track of what you are saying in mid-sentence. It is a spectacular package of attributes.” Anonymous SC.

“Dolly is a beautiful blonde woman and is absolutely the fittest woman I’ve ever met in my life. She’s not a muscle girl, just extremely toned. She’s a fitness guru and dedicates a great deal of time in keeping herself in amazing shape. She’s also a very professional business woman. She keeps you interested in your downtime by sending the occasional sexy picture of her super fit body. All this pre-visit contact goes a long way toward heightening the anticipation toward the actual visit. Finally the appointed day arrived and I was super excited as I had waited over 6 months to meet the best in the country. One has a hard time describing the Dolly experience, words can’t do enough to capture the essence of what she brings to the table, to the bed, the floor. If you have the chance to see Dolly, do yourself a favor and treat yourself. You won’t regret it. I highly recommend Dolly without reservation.” Reviewer Philadelphia

“You are the absolute definition of beauty and passion, and smarts…I love our times together!” Anonymous, K.

“You are by far the most stunningly beautiful, sensual, smart, classy, physically fit, personally engaging, witty, and overall complete woman I’ve ever encountered!” Anonymous, W.

“Many times you fantasize about running into that Once In A Life Time sensual, sexy, well built, gorgeous woman, then you tell yourself, it”s only in your dreams, it doesn”t really happen. It”s just a fantasy that may never come true. The odds of it happening are the same as winning the Power Ball Jackpot. I can tell you for a fact, it does happen and Dolly Jewel (aka DJ) is that woman…”

“If being wanted desperately by a man, if hearing him say he wants you so badly it hurts, if that makes you purr– then we definitely need to meet again.  Every dream doesn’t always come true; every fantasy doesn’t always live up to the buildup. You, Goddess, exceeded all expectations.  You blew my fantasies away!!  You have the most stunningly lethal legs, the most irresistible thighs, the most inviting abs, the hottest ass, the most finely etched and elegant shoulders and neck, the most wicked, adorable smile and the bluest eyes ever!  And that was just when you were standing still!!  You are truly poetry in motion.  I adored simply watching you move.  I wanted to kiss you everywhere…over and over.” GD

“Thank you for a night I will never forget & the best experience I’ve ever had in the hobby…I look forward to next time…you are an amazing lady in every aspect. Thank you for the most wonderful night of my life!” Anonymous, VG.

“You truly were a once in a lifetime experience. What an amazing woman you are. You give your dates a beautiful gift. You bring their desires and fantasies to life. At least you did for me. Thank you for that gift. You created a memory that will last forever.” Anonymous, P.

“Dolly is charming company and has a wonderful and alluring accent. She has a body that’s a 12! Overall I can’t rate her high enough. I am so glad I went to see her. She’s number one for a reason and I love that I now can keep that memory of being with the best. She did a great job on the role play too. All the way through the whole date. I would repeat any time and plan to every time Dolly is on the west coast.”

“Dolly – Thank you for an amazing escape. Your ability to be a gracious hostess, a sophisticated & worldly conversationalist, a strikingly beautiful fitness model, and an absolute vixen – all at the same time – took my breath away. I didn’t know all those things came in one package. You are exquisite. I sincerely cannot wait to meet again.” Anonymous

“I am lost for words after meeting Dolly for the first (and certainly not the last time). Having hobbied for over 10 years I cannot say anyone even comes close to Dolly. My honest opinion of her is that she is as addictive as any substance legal or illegal (you may want to consider this as a casual hobbiest, she could really become an obsession). Friends, this woman is a super hero along the lines of Wonder-woman. She is in the league of a top shelf pornstar and has the physique of Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider or Linda Hamilton in the Terminator. Her appetite is unmatched…Dolly was the best experience I have ever had.”

“Working in international business I have visited over 30 countries and had the opportunity to be with some of the hottest women on the planet: Thailand, Korea, Japan, Brazil, Columbia, Ukraine, Russia to name a few. I gave been with models, actresses, fitness models and everything in between. I am more than an expert on the best qualities in a woman. I am a strict connoisseur of finer women and if I could I would give Dolly a 15 on a scale of 1-10. This woman is by far the best I have ever been with, By far she has the best personality, physique and sexual prowess that I have ever seen. ”

“Although she didn’t normally include Atlanta in her travels, I convinced her to stop off here between trips. Boy, was I lucky – she is far and away the most amazing woman that I have ever met. Her pictures, unlike so many women whose pictures are taken years ago or extensively altered electronically, are exactly the woman that you see in person. She exceeded my expectations in every manner. If you want to see a REAL athletic, passionate, talented, experienced escort, Dolly is #1.”

“Wow. This is the woman that you want on your arm when you go to a black tie event. She is just amazing, very classy, well spoken, and gorgeous. Have yourself a high class night! She came to my hotel in a very nice outfit that was classy, but sexy, a skirt and heels. After some chat, we retired to the bedroom. She’s a great kisser. This wasn’t just a wham bam kind of night; this was a high-class passion event. This is a woman that you must have the lights on when you’re with her. You just want to see her and burn that memory into your mind, so you can replay it over and over and over. Enjoy!”

“Five years… hundreds of dates… then you finally meet someone like Dolly… WOW! A sexxxy MILF exxxtraodinaire… built like a personal trainer, funny, witty and sharp like your best business partner, naughty and exxxperienced like a season provider, adventurous and open as the best swinger partner you always dreamed of… and did I say this lady just can’t get enough?! ”

“I am truly at a loss for words. Visualize and fantasize about the perfect encounter and you’ll get Dolly. Beautiful, smart, engaging, sense of humor and an insatiable attitiude and hunger for sexual pleasure, both providing and receiving.”

“I stumbled across Dolly’s ad back in July and was floored with her. I realized she was in Florida, but sent her an email anyway just to let her know I would love to meet her if she ever made her way out west. She responded and was more than pleasant and for close to four months we stayed in contact via email and she would send me pics periodically and inquire about my schedule to make sure if she did come out, I would be around. We finally did meet in October and all I can say is awesome! Off the charts good, so good, I scheduled a second visit the day after visit number 1. Trust me, she is insanely good and worth every penny! One other side note, her body is so ridiculously good, there were times I just wanted to stare at her naked. It is one thing to be 25 and do nothing and have a decent body, but Dolly is in her late 30’s maybe even early 40’s and her body is truly a work of art!”

“Dolly is a legend and one of my all-time favorites. She’s a beautiful, smart, smoking hot, woman who loves what she does. Dolly is one of the absolute best I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and is amazing on every level from performance, atmosphere and energy. If she’s ever in your area RUN, don’t walk to make an appointment–you won’t be sorry.”

“I saw that the current top ranked girl was coming to Houston, so I had to see what all the fuss was about, expecting she might be slightly overrated. I was wrong she is unbelievable. Right from the initial contact, she comes across as approachable and sexy at same time. She asked what she should wear, and even sent a few pics of her working out in the morning before our session (I knew it was a current picture because I later saw the clothes in her room). I have a new favorite, so much passion, she loves what she does. I will no doubt see again, when she’s in Houston.”

“Dolly is absolutely stunning, with gorgeous eyes and a very toned athletic tanned body. Conversation was easy and my tension melted away. This woman’s energy is unbelievable. Time with Dolly is the most amazing sensual experience imaginable.”

“OK gentlemen, I had the pleasure of meeting the best Dolly Jewel… Let me tell you guys, I now know why she is considered the top on TER. When I knew my schedule for my Florida visit, I contacted Dolly ahead of time and got everything set up.  All I can say is gentlemen, treat this lady well & you will get it back tenfold. Highly recommend… I booked two hours and wished it could’ve been longer… We have stayed in touch and I look forward to the next time of entering Dolly’s World… All I can say, she is ranked the best for a reason… will I repeat, absolutely… do I recommend? Absolutely…Thank you Dolly for an evening I will never FORGET!”

I was blown away by the beautiful blond woman striding gracefully into the lobby! I felt like one of the luckiest guys in the place. Every man was admiring her… even amongst all the glamour of the guests/ models/ megastars! I will say this was the most amazing sexual experience I have ever had. If I never have sex again (which I hope doesn’t happen, lol), I could say I’ve experienced the absolute best. A gorgeous woman, sexually amazing, delightfully smart and funny! It can’t get any better… She is an elite provider, and a gracious woman. I suggest that if you want an experience of a lifetime, don’t miss this marvelous woman.

“I had the pleasure of meeting the great Dolly Jewel a couple times. You cannot miss this lady. She’s a national treasure… You would be nuts not to see her. What can I say that has not already been said of her… It’s all about you when you are with Dolly. She’s all about pleasing you. I love this woman. She’s in phenomenal shape and has the stamina of a stallion. “

“Long story short: Dolly is the best.”

Please visit The Erotic Review to read Dolly’s reviews.


 Gifts are unexpected but if you are so inclined Dolly has put together an Amazon wish list with ideas of things she can use and enjoy.

Gift cards are always welcome.

A few suggestions:
    Amazon e-gift
    American Airlines egift
     Marriott e-gift/ Kimpton Hotel e-gift 
Visa or American Express prepaid gift cards/Virtual Visa Card
     Honey Birdette; Victoria Secrets or Agent Provocateur gift cards

Chanel bags ❤️

    Bra size 36C (depending)
    Shoe size 8.5/9 (depending)

Favorite champagnes:
  Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial Rose  
 Moet & Chandon Ice Rose                               
Moet & Chandon Brut Rose Imperial                                                                       
 Veuve Clicqout Brut Rose /Brut

Your time with Dolly is her gift!